SAN FRANCISCO — Senior Kennedy Rosewood recently went to the Taylor the Maker concert at the Warfield, notifying 500 of her closest friends when posted the entire thing on her Instagram story.

“Well, usually I just post one clip so people know I have a fun life and actually leave my apartment — which I do all the time, in fact. But each song was so good! I just had to post them all. I mean, they didn’t sound good in the videos I posted. But it was my job to share my favorite music with my followers.”

@oski_thottie69_professionalaccount, one of Kennedy’s Instagram followers, shared her reaction to this bold choice.

“It’s so annoying. We get it!” Oski Thottie complained. “You went to a concert! But we can see that in one picture. Now every time time I’m taking a shit and I go through everyone’s stories, I have to see another shitty sound quality badly lit shaking video of an artist I don’t care about. Who is this for? This really makes me hate Kennedy as an individual.”

Taylor the Maker also commented. “Bro, that’s so annoying lollll. I don’t even do that and it’s my music. I mean, I love all of my fans, but that’s some cringe shit and doesn’t reflect the views of my brand.”

At press time, Kennedy is now in social media rehabilitation center for people who post content no one cares about, alongside TikTok dancers who are famous even though you don’t know anyone following them and runway models who post about loving their insecurities in lush, well-lit mansions.

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