There’s no wrong place to bust out a good old Irish jig. Think about it—when was the last time you thought, “why is that person polka dancing in the middle of Sproul?”  That’s right, you haven’t! We know life gets busy, which is why we took the time to compile the top five jigs that are guaranteed to get you her Snapchat.

1. Hornpipe Treble Jig

This jig needs no introduction. There’s nary a student at Cal that hasn’t tried this move at least once—and for good reason. Just a few clicks of your heels will have her practically begging to give you her Snap. Don’t mind the embarrassing username, she made her account in 2014.

2. Fannystown Hop Jig

It’s no secret that every lass loves a good, solid pair of knees. And, boy does this jig show them off! Remember to maintain constant, unwavering eye contact throughout the performance—it shows confidence, and will convey that you are cool and normal! Let your knees do the talking, maybe flash some ankle, and with any luck, you’ll be getting half-swiped in no time.

3. McGangamstile’s Polka

This one is basically a cheat code; the ladies simply can’t resist the sensual sound of your hard dancing shoes tap-tapping away on the concrete. If it somehow doesn’t work for you, you’re likely just unlovable. I’d invest in 4-5 cats at your earliest convenience; it’s the only companionship you’ll ever know.

4. Sunny Samuel’s Stepdance

There’s truly no better way to show a damsel how jolly you are than with an upbeat jig like this. From the exuberant hops to the wide grin that must remain plastered on your face for the dance’s duration, you’ll make it clear how much you love life! Again, remember the eye contact. Blinking shows a lack of resolve!

5. The Griddy

This classic dates back to 13th century Dublin (it was invented by a leprechaun, believe it or not!) My great-aunt Dearbhla absolutely loved this one; she was mid-griddy when she tragically passed. Honor her memory by doing what she did best: bagging absolute dimes and looking fly doing it.

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