Can’t feel your face? Weak. Your fingers falling off? Use your toes. You can’t hear out of your ears? You don’t use them anyway. 

I swear, the second the weather drops below 63 degrees in Berkeley (or 75 if you’re from SoCal, San Jose, or that city Ladybird is from), everyone starts their conversations outside with, “Ugh, it’s so cold right now.” But is it actually that cold right now?

Let’s put this in perspective. It’s 10 degrees above freezing, so you can’t even say it’s freezing. There is no snow in sight, no frost on the grass, and your breath doesn’t form clouds in the air unless you’re dabbing. According to anyone who grew up in states with actual seasons, it isn’t that cold right now.

Sure, your apartment’s electric bill has skyrocketed from the overly-powerful heater and the faucet takes 10 minutes to heat up, but that’s only because you’re not used to living in places where you can’t wear summer clothes year-round and stay out until 3am without a jacket. Also, just because you aren’t getting sunburned doesn’t mean you need to wear a winter hat to class. If you’re looking for inspiration to toughen up, just look at the underclassmen – trooping it out to Kip’s or Frat Row in paper-thin SHEIN material. They’re the real heroes.

Back where I grew up, I remember the days when we didn’t get to see the sun for months. Life seemed so bleak, so dark, so abysmal. We had to scrape ice off of our cars and no one except dog-walkers and old men training for triathlons ran along the cold, deserted beach. But we didn’t let that stop us from living. We went to school in cargo shorts, sundresses, and Hawaiian shirts. And for anyone wondering, no, I did not grow up in extreme Northern Alaska. I am from San Francisco.

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