The Free Peach: Thank you so much for talking with us.

Judith Butler: Of course, the speaking of which we speak is the fundamental speaking of our speech.


TFP: What?

JB: No, no, no, it’s simple. The fundamental self cannot be revealed through interview, but only through intraview.


TFP: I don’t think that’s a word

JB: Maybe exterview. 


TFP: (Heavy sigh) Anyway, your work in gender theory is critical to the field. Do you ever feel your works have been over-scrutinized as a result of its mass exposure?

JB: Of course not. Just as so many aspects of the self are fundamentally performative, the scrutiny of my own self is a reflection of the performative forward identity of the self; I discuss this at length in my discussion of the self. The thoughts, therefore, are only as stable as the scrutiny they fall under. 


TFP: Uhh… has that trend of scrutiny continued to apply to as you’ve shifted away from gender and toward culture and politics?

JB: I voted for Kamala Harris in the primary.


TFP: What?

JB: I also repeatedly donated to her campaign. 


TFP: Professor Butler, I don’t see how that’s relevant. 

JB: The central tenet of critical theory involves questioning power structures, and I questioned whether or not parents should be persecuted for childhood truancy. Considering the label of “child” reflects upon the role of “parent,” the mirroring of the positions holds requisite the similar mirroring of the punishment. Ergo, the transfer of responsibility, as Harris suggested.


TFP: Ok, I’m leaving.

JB: Fuck it, let’s lock the kids up too. 

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