SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. – In a time when LGBTQ+ rights are under attack by policymakers and elected officials, local straight white woman Mackenzie Thompson attended her city’s Pride parade, where she repeatedly announced to attendees, “I’m so lucky to have days like these where people like me can feel seen.”

“Pride is about accepting all kinds of people and embracing those who love differently than what is normally accepted in society. And that’s something I relate to as a straight white woman who exclusively dates white men who look like if Timothée Chalamet wasn’t famous but was equally as greasy,” explained Thompson. “It’s a celebration of everything WE have accomplished. After all, I’m technically part of the LGBTQIA community because I’m an ally, emphasis on the ‘A,’” further added Thompson while journaling about how she wants to be in a relationship just like Taylor Swift and Matt Healy. 

Queer people in Thompson’s life had much to say about her allyship. 

“She’s mostly normal but sometimes gets weird about me being a lesbian,” said friend Nellie Yang. “She thinks it’s progressive that she got offended that I didn’t have a crush on her – because it means she isn’t grossed out by lesbians. When I told her I couldn’t come to Pride this year because I’m staying at home over summer with my parents who don’t know I’m gay, she said I was being selfish and homophobic.” 

Thompson’s interpersonal support for the queer community apparently does not stop at her friends, but extends to some unassuming peers as well. 

“We were in the same Stat 20 class. I remember when I told her that I’m bisexual, she couldn’t believe it because I’m ‘a guy, but not the Queer Eye kind,’” admitted classmate Julio Martinez. “But since then, she’s become really intense about being an ally specifically, very adamant that she’s ‘thought about it but could never date a girl.’ It’s getting too much sometimes. Every time she simply sees me with my boyfriend, which has been every time she’s seen us for the past two years, she just yells ‘SLAY!’ at full volume. She’s done this in libraries, museums, even during a moment of silence at a sports game. At this point, part of me would rather she just be homophobic.”

The next day, when Thompson’s boyfriend retweeted a Joe Rogan podcast clip containing homophobic and transphobic remarks, Thompson showed her solidarity by undoing her like.

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