As the landscape of American television has become increasingly competitive, the all-out battle for ratings has forced late-night comedians to continuously push the boundaries of their own creativity in order to stay relevant. And while it’s easy to give in to laziness and pick the low hanging fruit, six pioneering comedians are doing what it takes to rise above the noise.

Last week, for the past 130 weeks, however, Trevor NoahSeth MeyersStephen ColbertJimmy FallonBill Maher, and Alec Baldwin all shocked their viewers – bravely going where no other comedian has gone before – by doing an impression of President Donald Trump.

“It takes talent, grit, and imagination to write, produce, and deliver original comedy on a nearly nightly basis,” said late-night television-watcher Tanner Jacoby, “and these guys are seriously going above and beyond. I don’t think I’ve laughed as hard as I did last night when Colbert read that Trump tweet in his ‘Trump’ voice.”

“Our scale literally blew up after the nineteenth time Alec Baldwin made an SNL cold-open appearance as Trump. Four of our data analysts died,” said David Kenny, CEO of Nielsen Media Research. “That’s how record-shatteringly positively these jokes are being received.”

Not surprising, one demographic that finds Trump Impressions particularly funny is women.

“Whenever we see a late-night comedian do a Trump impersonation, we just absolutely lose it! You know, it’s just so empowering to see so many men in late-night comedy,” said all women together, in unison, as a group, collectively, at the same time, concurrently. “And it’s especially refreshing to see them use their platforms to make jokes we could never think of, let alone attempt with our shrill, harsh voices.”

Last night, just around bedtime, when viewers thought their preferred talk show host couldn’t get any funnier, Noah, Meyers, Colbert, and Fallon all played the same clip of a Fox News personality, and then said, “Wow, are you kidding me!?” successfully executing a one-two punch of innovative comedy so strong that many Americans lost consciousness for approximately eight hours.

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