Although UC Berkeley is usually the #1 Public University in the World, we simply cannot expect the school to provide proper offices for our hard-working graduate students. As midterm season approaches you realize that it might be time to crack open that dusty textbook, learn the name of your professor, and have an anxiety attack in your GSI’s office hours the day before the exam! Here is where you can find your favorite overworked, and underpaid, UC Berkeley graduate student’s “office” this semester:

  1. Yali’s
  2. Evans 256, but sitting on the floor in the hallway.
  3. People’s Park.
  4. The new Yali’s.
  5. A proper office, but it’s at Berkeley City College.
  6. The single-stall bathroom in Dwinelle.
  7. Literally just outside.
  8. Taco Bell Cantina, but at 3am on a Friday.
  9. A tent in the middle of Channing Circle.
  10. ATO’s roof.
  11. A regular office, but there are 30 other Humanities GSIs there and everyone is talking at the same time.
  12. In the backseat of their 2006 Honda Civic.
  13. Waiting in line at Walgreens on Telegraph.
  14. An office in Dwinelle that probably doesn’t even exist because no one can find it.
  15. The Downtown Berkeley BART station platform.
  16. The Caffe Strada bathroom that is never open.
  17. Barrows 328, but only on the Thursday of spring break.
  18. The top of the Campanile.
  19. IDK maybe just like, back at your place 😉
  20. Crossroads Dining Hall late night on a Saturday.
  21. Narnia.
  22. We’re not actually sure, but they keep begging you to come to office hours, and passive-aggressively mentioning that no one attended their said office hours in section.
  23. Krober Fountain.

Wherever your Humanities GSI’s office may be, it doesn’t really matter because we all know you won’t be going to office hours anyway!


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