BERKELEY, Calif.In the midst of a recent outbreak of California oak moth caterpillars on the campus of the University of California, Berkeley, ASUC Senator Milton Zerman has proposed action to keep the caterpillars separated from the student body.

“We need spaces like the MLK student union to remain exclusive for students, and the influx of caterpillars threatens those designated areas,” Zerman stated. “That’s why I propose placing ID scanners at the entrances to MLK and Eshleman Hall, to ensure that these spaces remain reserved for students who pay tuition, not freeloading caterpillars.”

The ID scanners would require visitors to scan their university ID to unlock the door, thus proving that they are a student and not a caterpillar. 

Some students expressed feelings of relief regarding Zerman’s proposal.

“The caterpillars are so creepy and gross,” said sophomore Sandra Bailey. “It’s pretty annoying when I’m eating lunch and fifty of them decide to pupate next to me. I find it inappropriate and I’m glad someone’s doing something about it.”

Other students were less sure about the ID scanners. 

“It’s not a very good look for us to be so unwelcoming to guests on campus,” said senior Matthew Hark. “Berkeley should be about inclusivity.”

Zerman’s proposal first must past the ASUC Senate, where the majority of members fall to the left of Zerman’s political orientation. 

“I think we can get it done,” Zerman said. “Caterpillars are a common enemy.” 

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