(In)famous rapper Kanye West reportedly wants to quit rap because he believes it is “the devil’s music.” This unexpected change of heart comes preceding the release of his newest album, entitled “Jesus is King,” clueing his worldwide audience in on God’s influence over his music. Despite it all, however, your Aunt Karen wrote on her Facebook wall that she believes Kanye West is “STILL a satanist influence,” begging her friends to avoid his music. 

Your Aunt Karen has been staunch in her public distaste of the artist for years. In particular, the pornographic image on the cover of “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy” was a major cause for concern in your Aunt Karen’s personal crusade against the Devil. 

“I will NOT tolerate pornography being made this mainstream,” ranted your Aunt Karen. “Kanye West is a vile man and obviously a vessel for Satan’s return to Earth.”

Kanye West never responded to our email requesting a comment. Updates will be added if he chooses to respond. Your Aunt Karen will maintain her commenting regardless, though. 

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