WASHINGTON, DC – Political hypebeasts are on the edge of their seats waiting for the latest Supreme status symbol to drop. 

“Since the unchill passing of Justice Ruth ‘Skater’ Ginsburg, the United States has sorely missed the presence of a leader who can kickflip,” the company wrote in an Instagram post. “Coming this fall, we have worked with the Grand Old Party (aka GOP) on the SUPREME™ X COURT position. The position consists of a GORE-TEX Black Robe, Denim Gavel, Lifetime of Authority Not Endowed by the Will of the People, Bomber Jacket, Fear of Tampons, Skateboard and Generational Wealth.

Select pieces available October 1st in Washington, Boston, Chicago and New York.”

The GOP seems eager to finally cater to white, suburban youths everywhere.

“We’re just thrilled to reach out to my fellow youth,” hissed Senate Majority Leader and Pan’s Labyrinth star Mitch McConnell. “Much like the good folks at Supreme, we here at the GOP have made a good name for ourselves over the years by taking ideas and labor from Bla— African Americans, so this collaboration felt like the natural progression. Supreme is all about originality, and I can guarantee that this partnership is gonna take originalism to the max. We’re combining the chic 2010s vibes of Supreme with the classic 1910s feel of the party to create something totally new. Be on standby though: you can only cop it until November 2nd, so move fast. Supplies are limited and we expect to see pretty quick turnover.” 

Fans of Supreme seem equally enthralled by the upcoming release.

“It’s gonna be so freakin’ sick,” reported eighth-grader Brayden Haerr between bites of a Travis Scott burger. “I’ve always had my parents buy me Supreme, but, uh, they never really understood it. Now though, uh, they seem really into it. I think it’s cause Supreme’s finally getting noticed and worn by big-time celebrities, like Scott Baio and Stephen Baldwin. I really hope I can get my hands on it. If not, though, my mom said she’d get me the Anti-Socialist-Social-Klub Hood and Robe Kombo, so, like, it’s gonna be pretty lit either way.”

As of print time, Supreme is planning to follow up the political move with a timeless classic: jackets covered in Simpsons erotica or some horseshit.

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