1. Drink whenever you feel dread.
  2. Trump says they’re gonna take our guns! Shotgun a beer.
  3. Take a shot every time Joe Biden references a time before the 80’s.
  4. Take a fat pull (think $750 worth) whenever the word “tax” is said. 
  5. Drink if Biden mentions Scranton, PA.
    1. Drink again if your roommates say they thought Scranton was a fictional place from The Office.
  6. Drink every time your parents text you to say they’re sorry they didn’t vote for Bernie like you told them to.
  7. Add 2 shots of vodka to your drink when you remember that the moderator is a Fox News Correspondent.
  8. Drink every time Trump acknowledges something supreme (whether Court or whiteness).
  9. Drink every time Trump fails to use a subject nor verb nor object in a sentence.
  10. Drink if you ever find yourself wondering if Trump knows what a verb is.
  11. Drink every time a fact is, in fact, not checked.
  12. Take a shot if Trump uses the phrase “free and fair election” when referring to accepting the results of the election and the civil transfer of power.
  13. Drink every time you contemplate therapy to address your anxiety over the state of the country / world. 
  14. Drink every time you realize that if the ACA is repealed, you can’t pay for therapy. 
  15. Finish your drink because there’ll be a 6-3 majority on the Supreme Court even if Biden wins and you’re fucked.
  16.  Drink if Melania Trump is shown with no facial expression (dead inside).
  17. Like, does any of this matter anymore? Are electoral politics even worth it? Drink. 
  18.  Self-care shot! Remember, it’s always okay to supplement a drinking game with more drinking
  19. Drink every time a scathing accusation is made. Think of the debate as an episode of Dynasty
  20. Drink not if, but when Biden’s earpiece is referenced and/or falls out
  21. Drink every time you thank God that she had the foresight to schedule the debate before the beginning of SNL season 46.
  22. Drink if this isn’t funny anymore.
  23. Finish your drink if this was never funny to begin with!

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