BERKELEY, Calif. — Bewilderment permeated the students of UC Berkeley as the latest flyer shoved into their hands by Speak Out Socialists boldly stated “MENINISTS UNITE.” 

With their interests piqued by this bold caption, many students were further surprised by the actual contents of the sheet.

“Marxist-Leninist revolution is totally baller,” wrote flyer author Saul Tisar-Price, “but it takes so many syllables to say! Since portmanteaus are really trendy right now (like how ‘speech’ is a mashup of ‘squelch’ and ‘peach’), I suggest from now on Marxist-Lenist should just be dubbed Meninist!” 

Many were shocked at the apparent obliviousness of the author.

“How is it that this guy has never heard what ‘Meninist’ refers to?” Abe Oshon, a PhD candidate in Applied Hammocking, pondered. “Did he not live through 2016 where he witnessed the birth of the alt-right, YouTube video pipeline? Did he not watch ‘Feminist Cringe Compliation 24’ instead of showering, like all the teenage boys I knew in 2016?” 

When pressed for an official statement, Speak Out Socialists president Wrongald Wreagan merely expressed sympathy for Tisar-Price, claiming he first got involved in leftism when assumed Stalinist was short for “style columnist.”

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