We’ve all been there. No worse feeling exists than waking up on Friday afternoon, hungover, with the recollection that your participation grade is worth the same amount as the midterm you failed last week. Luckily there’s no need to worry, because your GSI just asked a question as half-baked as you are, totally unrelated to the 100+ pages of reading you told yourself you would start on Tuesday. This is the perfect time to say something vague that the rest of the class can nod along and not listen to! Aaaaaand…. Bryan answered it.

Bryan needs to pipe all the way down. While providing a brief reprieve to unending awkward silence is a necessary evil, Bryan just isn’t giving you the space to spread your rhetorical wings. If you’re not careful, the only contribution to class you’ll edge in will be a hail-mary round-up email to your GSI on how much you agree with everything Bryan says. I’m sure next week will be different for you.

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