What a day for civil rights! Students and faculty at the University of California, Berkeley were thrilled to see that the spirit of social activism is alive and well at the home of the Free Speech Movement, as Cal student Josh Thompson revealed last Thursday that he “has a thing for ‘exotic’ women.”

Thompson, 20, a third-year Computer Science major and East Asian Studies minor, sat down to an exclusive interview with The Free Peach, further specifying his exclusive attraction to women of an ethnic minority.

“It’s not a fetish, okay? It’s a preference. I have a preference for exotic women whether it be the fiery snake-charmers of savage India, the buxom seductresses of the Latin world, the mystical enchantresses of the Orient, or the alluring beauties of deepest, darkest Africa,” said Thompson, methodically adjusting the laces of his hand-sewn Sperry boat shoes. “That’s all four kinds of ethnic girls. How is that racist?”

Though his long-sleeved Vineyard Vines T-shirt is white, his sexual predilections are anything but. Thompson joins inspirational leaders like Nelson Mandela and Malcolm X in his outspoken passion for ethnic diversity and inclusion, propelling the spirit of civil rights advocacy into the third millennium by boasting coveted Caucasian membership in both the Subtle Asian Traits and Subtle Curry Traits Facebook groups.

Support for Thompson’s fearless statement of inclusion and equality has been overwhelming. Ryan Donnelly, chapter president of Sigma Chi, was especially enthusiastic about Thompson’s vocal support for racial diversity.

“This is exactly the spirit of advocacy we seek to find in all brothers of SX,” said Donnelly, 22, taking a fat rip off his Suorin. “I firmly believe that if the brotherhood of Sigma Chi continues to bravely voice our commitment to civil rights like Josh has, we can get off of social probation.”  

In response to the outpouring of praise for his love of exotic women, Josh Thompson released a brief statement:

“DM if you’re Asian and 8 or above. No fatties.”

We could all learn a thing or two from Thompson’s commitment to racial equity on campus.


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