Ross Kelley is grateful he no longer has to pencil in his beard every morning. Why? Thanks to COVID-19, he now wears a mask when he goes outside. 

“I’ve had facial hair for almost a decade but it has never fully grown in. It’s embarrassing. Every morning I used to spend 10 minutes penciling in all the patches. A few months ago I got tired of penciling every day and started wearing a mask when I went outside. Unfortunately, I became more self-conscious about wearing a mask than having a patchy beard so I stopped. Now with the CDC recommending we all wear masks when we go to the supermarket, I don’t feel self-conscious at all! It’s great.”

Ross also reflected on some of the other benefits of being under quarantine. 

“Every Monday, my wife used to ask me to drop off a pizza at her boyfriend’s place on the way home from work. He lives in the exact opposite direction of our place! It was such a hassle. The pizza place is currently closed, so I don’t have to waste gas driving to it. Definitely a win.”

Even though it may seem like Ross prefers quarantine to normal times, he is overall unhappy with the present situation.

“My wife decided to live with her boyfriend during the shelter-at-home period. Every Monday, I’ve been driving to his house and placing home-cooked meals on his doorstep (to replace their loss of pizza). It feels dangerous. I’ve been thinking about finally giving him a piece of my mind. Next Monday, I’m going to drive over with no food. That’ll really show him who’s boss.”

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