BERKELEY, Calif. – UC Berkeley professor Claude McClaude sparked outrage recently with his controversial decision to require his students to purchase a hard copy of the course reader from Copy Central for their online class. Updates to the syllabus regarding this purchase were made last week. 

“I just feel as though it is critically important for my students to have the content of my reader in their hands,” McClaude stated. “And the only way to get those hard, crisp, firm but undeniably soft pages is for them to go out and buy it from Copy Central.”

While many students felt that the mandate was classist, inconvenient, and straight-up wrong, McClaude remained steadfast. 

“This is no ordinary online class. My students do not attend the University of Phoenix. In fact, I even went so far as to buy a ring light so my students could get a fuller, in-person but explicitly out-of-person feel,” McClaude followed up. 

Some students, however, were on McClaude’s side.

“I mean, it’s like, really not an issue,” stated senior Samantha Fuller, of Newport Beach, California. “I literally went out to bars all summer, so going to Copy Central is like, way safer right?”

McClaude updated his syllabus following the uproar it made amongst members of the UC Berkeley campus. He now requires that all students purchase an additional course reader from 123 Copies on College Avenue.


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