BERKELEY, Calif. – A newly-admitted student, Christina Peargate, has made quite an impression in the Class of 2025 Facebook group by boldly declaring that she enjoys going out and partying with friends, yet also appreciates a chill night staying in. 

Peargate’s post reads:

“Hey everyone!! My name is Christina Peargate, so excited to have officially decided I will be attending Berkeley with you all in the fall! I’m from Los Angeles, California, so I’m hyped to move up north. I’m majoring in MCB and hoping to live in Clark Kerr. I love reading, baking, hiking, being outside, drinking water, and breathing air. And can’t forget boba!! I also lovvee The Office, so shoutout to my fellow fans with an elite sense of humor 😛 My music taste is fairly eclectic so don’t judge me lol, my top artists are Rex Orange County, Vampire Weekend, Tyler the Creator, and Arctic Monkeys. When I’m not bingeing Netflix or eating pizza, I’m spending time hanging with my friends. I do love to go out and have a good time, but I am also happy having a chill night in! Looking for a roommate so hit me up on insta @christina_peargate.”

The divisive post turned quite a few heads.

“I was just thrown by her authenticity,” shared Drew Badden. “People with the confidence to embrace their individuality like that can be intimidating. I kept my own post pretty plain, just said my name and my intended major. And then shared my views on abortion and why I’m actually Team Jacob. Nice and simple.”

Fortunately, Christina’s post seems to have spurred a connection.

“It was kind of crazy how much we had in common, so I followed her on Instagram” said Lily Sew. “Then she DM’d me to say she thought the top I wore in a post was cute. Now we’re messaging each other and we’re literally the same person! We both have siblings and we both are thinking about rushing a sorority. I think she’s going to be my best friend in college.” 

Some new students in the Class of 2025 group are stirring the pot even further, noting that they also “love to laugh with friends.” More updates to come.

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