BERKELEY, Calif. – This weekend, in a statement circulated through bMail, Chancellor Carol Christ invited students to read her statement regarding advancing developments over People’s Park. 

“Esteemed students, in our long tradition of inclusivity and diversity I wish to begin this statement with an acknowledgement that our land was once stewarded by the Ohlone people, unjustly seized during colonization,” the Chancellor wrote in a preamble land acknowledgement. 

“Yet we have to consider, did we steal enough land? We’ve got students to house, and, like, I mean, listen: a $4.1 billion endowment doesn’t exactly make us rich you know?  What, you expect us to just buy a building to develop over when there’s some perfectly good public space right there for the taking?”

The statement continued as Chancellor Christ vehemently justified seizing People’s Park under UC development plans.

“We understand that our past is deeply rooted in the wrongful confiscation of lands related to settler colonialism. We wish to assure our student community that this move is completely different; instead, we’re just going to kick people living on this uninhabited land off of it, and build on it so we can settle students on the land. You get the difference right?”

 When asked for their reaction to accusations that their plan would seriously harm the unhoused community, the Chancellor’s office responded with a one-line email:

“okay lol.” 

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