Anyone who’s walked down Sproul recently can tell you it’s constantly clogged with consulting clubs. In fact, there are so many that a few consulting clubs are beginning to feel left in the dust. You may be wondering: what’s a consulting club to do? Well, the answer, as always, lies in a consulting club, but this time, for other consulting clubs!

Berkeley Consulting Club Comprehensively Consulting Confused Consulting Clubs (BCCCCCCC) or (BC7) founded this year by a group of 12 “pre-Haas” majors, is already one of the top clubs on campus. They have over a dozen consulting clubs on campus getting consulted by their consulting club!

“They’ve really done a great job helping us,” explained Jenny Ho, the third-year president of We Help You Through Helping Ourselves United (W.H.Y. T.H.O.U.). “They suggest innovative ideas like having a navy blue tent on Sproul, using laminated flyers to advertise, and sacrificing our weakest neighbors to satan. We’ve seen 3% growth and for just $100,000!”

In fact, the club is doing so well, they’re searching for new members. We here at The Free Peach had a brief chat with BC7’s leadership to ask about the new member experience.

“New members can expect to work twenty hours a week [unpaid], to be psychologically tormented by older members with pre-professional hazing that perpetuates a needless cycle of abuse within an organization that somehow has even fewer checks and regulations than fraternities, and to wear a suit to their Math 1B lecture like they’re fucking special,” explained new member leader Jim Jones Jr.

So, be sure to keep a lookout on Sproul for BCCCCCCC. They will be stationed under a banner with their club’s logo: “This an entirely necessary organization.” Who knows, you might get accepted and fulfill your childhood dream of becoming a consultant!


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