In a heartwarming departure from limiting the name, major, and hometown introductions to week one, Stacy White from Sherman Oaks took the courageous leap forward. Despite the fact that literally, no one asked, and that it’s week fucking three, Sherman Oaks’ finest continued to remind her peers she was from somewhere people are usually gentrified out of living in.

“If I was an emoji…. I’d be from LA. Because like, I’m from Sherman Oaks, which is in LA!” exclaimed Stacy for the third consecutive week.

The class collectively responded with a mix of shock and general confusion.

“Literally no one has asked about Stacy’s name, major, or hometown since the first class meeting weeks ago,” exclaimed classmate Tracy Tran, who is also from LA. “She’s told us that she’s from Sherman Oaks – which I know is in LA – every week so far. I just hope someone can make it stop.”

However, Stacy’s GSI, Kelsey Jones seemed enthused at the transparency and warmth her dialogue brings to discussion.

“I’m frankly blown away that Stacy has the courage to tell us she’s from the Los Angeles metropolitan area not just once, but apparently every week until the end of time,” Jones confided breathlessly. “It’s a lot of emotional unpacking to claim your hometown and identity as a resident of one of the most privileged SoCal zip codes. Even though Stacy generally seems drunk and unenthused for most of class, I’m so glad she can share her identity in this organic way.”

We’re so happy Stacy is stepping up every class to represent one of the wealthiest suburban areas in Los Angeles County. Let her courage inspire you to represent your poorly developed, embarrassingly gentrified hometown whenever you have the chance!

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