The end of the spring semester means pain, suffering, and for a lucky few, the sweet release of graduation. But before all that, fix up, look sharp, and find yourself a hot date, because it’s spring date party season! And we guarantee that no matter who’s throwing the party or who you’re there with, these 10 songs will electrify the party like nothing else.

10.) “Dig” by Mudvayne:

9.) “Dig” by Mudvayne:

8.) “Dig” by Mudvayne:

7.) “Dig” by Mudvayne:

6.) “Dig” by Mudvayne:

5.) “Dig” by Mudvayne:

4.) “Dig” by Mudvayne:

3.) “Dig” by Mudvayne:

2.) “Dig” by Mudvayne:

1.) “Dig” by Mudvayne:

Frankly, if the DJ at your date party doesn’t play any of these, he has no taste in music.

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