Let me paint you a picture. Every single week, you have to write a 500-plus word article (with verified sources!) that maybe four people other than your mother will read. Every week, you have to remember how to use quotes and cite sources. I’m going to tell you a secret: I didn’t want The Daily Cal to be saved in the ASUC elections. I’ve had to crank out so many articles that I am just at a point of exhaustion.

And I know, everyone’s been all up in arms about saving the Daily Cal. I understand that journalism is important to society. I hear the argument that The Free Peach shouldn’t be the only organization that covers news at Berkeley — and don’t get me started about CalTV. But, did anyone stop to ask me if I wanted to be saved? No, the selfish fucks did not. I don’t want to come off ungrateful, but my standard response to someone asking if I need to be saved is a firm no. You want me to be saved by Jesus? Hard pass. I can show up to dinner and find my own seat, you don’t need to save one for me at the end of the table, Clarissa. Maybe I didn’t want to sit next to you and hear you complain about Todd for three hours, did you ever think of that? I am self-sufficient and do not need any help. Fuck group projects.

But I’m a Berkeley student. I can’t just quit. I need The Daily Cal for my resume. I can occasionally work up the courage to ask for an extension on my homework, but for a Daily Cal article? No way. Have you ever met an Editor in Chief? They’re more intimidating* than someone texting you “we need to talk.” So when the Daily Cal had a chance to just magically disappear, I was ecstatic. But no one ever asked if I wanted to be saved. Everyone only thought about the organization as a whole, the greater good. Well screw Mr. Incredible, I didn’t want to be saved and am now forced to continue to work.


*Editor’s note: What the fuck?

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