Last night, tens of students came out to watch the event of the year: the ASUC executive elections forum. Held in the room where improv shows and R1Bs take place, 102 Moffitt was instead filled last night with many open-minded students excited to have their minds changed!

“I didn’t know who I was going to vote for going into the debate, and that was totally fine because that’s who the debate was geared for.” commented an attendee John Bankersford. “What’s more, was that everyone else there was really neutral too, they were all just excited to learn more about the candidates.”

John continued, “Plus, the debate was at a super convenient time. 8-10 on a Tuesday in the middle of campus, now that’s what I call accessible and timely!”

Other attendees echoed similar sentiments, reflecting that it was really heartwarming to learn about candidates in a helpful space devoid of any existing political party divisions or fiercely competitive political power dynamics.

“Yeah, all the candidates are great! And it was just nice to see how passionate they are about making real change. Besides, I love that no one who was in attendance was affiliated with either party, it was just a lot of people who were excited to learn more.”

The debate itself was filled with great candidates with some phenomenal arguments, such as Wyatt Colby who explained a thorough synopsis of Green Book for the entire room, and Teddy Lake who taught everyone how to fill a grocery bag like that episode of Suite Life of Zack and Cody.

As a whole, the executive candidates were excited about the forum. “I loved that no one was there to cement their deeply seated stereotypes.” Presidential candidate Amma Sarkodee-Adoo commented, “And, overall I’m excited that Student Action is being lead this year by a black woman.” To which the Daily Cal replied, “Who?”

It was also remarkable at how much space was made for people to form their own opinions without being subject to the aggressively pointed snaps, gesticulations, and “yaaaassss”-ing of supporters from both dominant campus political tyrants, Student Action and CalSERVE.

“I think it was awesome that during the unopposed EAVP race, the person sitting behind me only hit my head twice with their wrist while snapping. Like, how considerate! I really felt like the space was welcoming for me, a politically neutral ASUC outsider.”


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