There are already SO many reasons why girls should give me head. To name a few: 1) because it feels good for me, 2) because girls look hot while they’re giving me head, 3) finishing into a girl’s mouth will ensure I don’t act like a dick to her the rest of the day, 4) girls love giving hot guys head. But ALSO: not to flex but, because I was actually living my life, seizing the day, and not letting some small molecule take away my rights this summer, I tested positive for COVID-19. Which is actually great, because now I have the COVID antibodies and immunity for the rest of my life. Anyway, the antibodies obviously go into my cum because of the Nervous System or whatever, and I’ve actually heard they make cum taste better. I’ve…never tried it myself…but it’s just what I heard from my friends. My close friends who also have COVID immunity say it makes their cum taste like a mix of strength, perseverance, blind trust, hubris, vitality, tenacity, and self-awareness. Also, as a bonus, when girls swallow, they’re getting COVID, and obviously immunity, which is like totally a dub.

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