Welcome back to campus, bears! In light of tours, orientations, and events that have returned alongside our vibrant student body, we’ve decided to host our own “student body” scavenger hunt! Follow along with our hints to see if YOU can find the hidden “treasure!”

#1 You might be hot, but I’m cold!

Try exploring warm, secluded locations on campus! Perhaps, the incinerator at the Hazardous Materials Facility? I wonder what type of person could be “cold” in there!

#2 There’s No Cameras Here!

How convenient! A secluded location with locking doors and no security cameras! The “treasure” is probably there somewhere.

#3 Nobody Can Hear You By This Babbling Brook

The placid, bucolic sounds of this natural campus feature drown out even the most blood-curdling, piercing shrieks! Can you guess where it is?

#4 Whoops! Watch Out Not To Fall!

Campus sure does have some high balconies! You should look for the one with the lowest railing. 

#5 Has That Spot Always Had No Grass?

Look out for patches of the lawn that seem to have been recently turned! Extra points if you can spot lots of freshly-sprouted nitrogen-fixing plants like clovers and azaleas. 


If you find our prize— congratulations! Do not contact campus authorities. Speak of it again and you will become the next scavenger hunt prize. Do I make myself clear? I’m in too deep, but you don’t have to be. 

We hope that this fun activity has helped you finger the pulse of Berkeley’s student life

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